Scopes is an independent laboratory specialising in the analysis of bulk asbestos samples.

At scopes, every sample is undertaken in accordance with ISO 17025 2017 and HSG 248 Government Guidelines. We are also participants in AIMS (Asbestos in Materials Scheme) With regard to the presentation of results, we offer a range of high quality services to ensure that your results reach you wherever you are, be it via fax, email or post.

Normal turnaround for analysis of bulk materials from the time samples are received at our laboratory is within 24- 48 hours. As our client base covers the UK, we have in place a royal mail service which guarantees our post delivery before 8.30am. Scopes are open for business from 7am Monday to Friday. We also work weekends when work load dictates.

We recognise that on occasions samples will need to be analysed on an urgent basis due to work being on hold awaiting sample results. Therefore we offer an out of hour’s emergency service to our regular clients at no extra cost.

"Our management team are always available out of hours for such emergencies so arrangements can be made."

If you are interested in our services, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information. If you do choose to use us, you will not be bound to a contract therefore if in the unusual circumstance that you find you are not satisfied with the service for any reason, you are not obliged to continue using us. We wish to take this opportunity to assert that as Scopes expands as a business we aim to maintain the personal relationship with our clients which has been a significant factor in our success, whilst continuing the professional and competitive quality of service for which we have become renowned.